Find the Best Providers

One of the best ways to improve your coverage and cut costs is to prepare and release a Request for Proposal (RFP). Because responding brokers and carriers know they are competing for your business, you are more likely to receive attractive offers. At TCS, we help you prepare and release a comprehensive RFP that includes:

  • Qualifications Questionnaire
  • RFP Coverage Profile
  • Enclosures and exhibits reflecting all enterprise exposures
  • Minimum requirements for any bidding broker or carrier, such as tribal experience, years in tribal practice, and number of tribal clients
  • Request for References

Once a number of qualified responses have been received, we review the responding bids. We carefully analyze all of the responses for completeness, content, proposed coverage, and pricing. We also analyze all carrier qualifications — including financial stability — and review the respondents' suggestions for coverage enhancement and increased limits. Once we are satisfied, we prepare our recommendations and publish an analysis for your review. The final decision is always yours.

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