Improve Your Overall Benefits Program

At Tribal Consulting Solutions, our seasoned industry professionals have decades of experience in the design and implementation of employee benefits programs that balance comprehensive coverage with the need for reduced operating costs. Our first step is always to perform a thorough analysis of your existing program, including all Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Long- and Short-term Disability coverage, as well as your Prescription Drug Plans.

Next, we perform a complete evaluation of your claims history that not only examines what kind of claims your enterprise has had, but also looks for any large, ongoing medical conditions in your group that may prevent your enterprise from securing a competitive program at a reasonable price. Finally, we evaluate your enterprise's financial performance to determine whether you can support a higher deductible, or even if you can become fully or partially self-insured.

Our professionals can also help you:

  • Perform a market search for insurance carriers who may be interested in submitting a competitive bid
  • Analyze potential re-insurance companies that may offer competitive Stop-Loss coverage
  • Conduct a search for a competitive and professional Third-Party Claims Administrator (TPA)
  • Evaluate available Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) that offer competitive discounts in your area of service
  • Structure and release comprehensive Requests for Proposals, and review responding bids

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