Carefully Analyze Your Existing Programs

Before we can help you reach your goals, we first need to understand your current situation. That's why we get started by gathering data about your business and its existing insurance and risk management programs. As part of that process, we look at a wide variety of information, including:

  • All Policies (Current and Expired)
  • Tribal Ordinances
  • Tribal State Compacts
  • Loss (Claims) Information
  • Carrier Loss Control Inspections
  • Financial Information
  • Funding Capabilities
  • Organizational Structure
  • Employee Handbook

In-Depth Interviews
Next, we conduct a thorough interview of the enterprise management team and the Tribal Council. Our goal is to learn as much as we can about your enterprise, including its history, current status, business objectives, and relationship with the current broker. Especially important to us are your reasons for wanting to change your current program. At every step of this process, we look for areas of concern, problems, or challenges.

Focus On Prevention
We pay particular attention to your actual loss history. By clearly understanding how earlier losses occurred, we are better able to plan and implement changes that will minimize or eliminate these risks in the future.

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